Amplify began in 2010 and is now in it’s 13th year. We praise God for all he has done through Amplify and the young people and leaders over this time!




Creativity: To encourage and equip young people in the creative arts and help them to discover how to use these skills in their corps and community.

Relationship: To help build positive connections between young people across our territory.

Discipleship: To strengthen and develop young people in their discipleship journeys.




Across the seven days, young people spend time learning in two creative fields (a major and minor), exploring their own giftings and how they can use these to build the Church as well as positively impact their community.

We also spend time together in Bible studies each day, as well as free time, meals, camp-wide activities, workshops, church services, activities in our café and the Exhibition Night.


The Exhibition Night is an in-house event where our young people and leaders have an opportunity to share what they have learned through the week in a safe and encouraging setting.

We do livestream this event so that everyone can get a taste of Amplify and see their young people/friends/family using their giftings! Join us via livestream on the 23rd January as we celebrate and encourage our young people!


Local youth leaders are invited to attend the event in the sole role of caring for their young people. Leaders will need to fill in a separate application form attend which is at the end of this page.

This is called an application form for safety – everyone attending camp needs to ‘apply’ so corps officer/centre manager can let us know they are happy for you and your young people to attend.

Youth leaders will be in separate accommodation rooms to campers and will not be in majors and minors.


Youth Leaders will participate with all other camp wide activities and we ask that you partner with us in making this a great week for your crew.


This means, following guidance and ‘rules’ set out for camp, taking the lead on pastorally caring for those in your care, attending the youth leader hui and keeping us informed of anything we may need to know about.


We also have an experienced staff team of around 40 staff (including Divisional Youth Secretaries) each year that are there to journey with your young people too – they do an exceptional job of caring, praying, chatting, learning and having fun with your young people!

In light of this, it is not a requirement to provide a leader with young people from your corps but each young person in attendance will be allocated an adult that is their Ampli-friend or ‘go-to’ person – an adult onsite that will check in with them and pastorally care for them across the week as needed.


If a local leader from your setting isn’t attending, we’ll let campers know who their Ampli-friend is in their delegate letter. This will be a DYS, staff member or a local leader.


Please let us know if you have young people with particular needs that we might need to look out for – we want to make this the best experience possible for everyone.

We know leaving a safe, spiritual community like Amplify and heading back to reality can be hard - we are keen to work with you better in how the Amplify ‘experience’ translates back to your young people’s home, corps and social life!

If you want more information about Amplify or have suggestions on how this partnership could be improved – we would love to hear from you.


So, what are you waiting for? Click below to apply for Amplify, or to get in touch with the Amplify team!